Sunday, 23 November 2008

Piracy in Somalia

Radical Islamists in Somalia have declared that they will rescue the hijacked Saudi oil tanker. The Russian Navy has vowed to prevent any further hijacking. Nato and the EU will also cooperate to do the same.

I am extremely impressed at such a united effort to defend liberty and property from such a varied and generally mistrustful range of military powers.

Such a spectacle of cordial international harmony only confirms what we already knew:

The world needs more pirates.

You know it makes sense. Let us sincerely hope that when gallant John, Abdul and Dmitri storm this stricken vessel they find its captors dressed in 18th century attire, wearing peg legs and eyepatches, quaffing rum and/or sherry and teaching obscenities to a parrot. If that happens, as I pray it will, it will be an omen for peace in the 21st Century.


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